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The Gap Between v2

By Trevor Dye

After a stint during college in the early eighty's playing coffeehouses in the Boston area -  highlighted with an opening slot for Tracy Chapman - Dan Weintraub found himself on a fifteen year sojourn into the world of education and academia.  Music, however, always lingered in the backdrop and now with the release of his debut album “The Gap Between v2”, Weintraub has found himself at the forefront of New England's acoustic and folk scene.  This sixteen track record, the first of four albums to be released in the near future, serves as our introduction to this former principal turned soulful folk musician.  Now at 45, he brings a sense of maturity and wisdom to, not only his songwriting, but his business approach to a career as an artist as well. 'The Gap Between v2” has the down-to-earth feel that allows for a universal connection.  Weintraub is a skilled lyricist, taking brooding and cynical content and overlaying it with a simplicity that can pull at the soul of any listener.  But the album isn't filled with dark elements; quite the contrary, several tracks on “The Gap Between v2” showcase Weintraub's sterling sense of humor and posses catchy hooks that could rival the best in the pop genre.  A superb example of this versatility comes with the transition from the hilariously self-aware song “Still Kickin'” to his heartfelt track dealing with love lost, “Too Many Lindas.”  With a sound that evokes thoughts of John Mellencamp or a softer Hootie & The Blowfish, Weintraub takes elements of acoustic, folk, and a subtle country twang to redefine the adult contemporary genre in fine fashion.  The record will be a welcome addition to fans of Mellencamp, Tom Petty, and any of America's earlier work.  Keep an eye out for Weintraub in Global Rhythm  Magazine's March CD Sampler.   

From "Overground Underground"

Reviewed by Kit Burns

Dan Weintraub/The Gap Between v2

About 20 years ago, singer/songwriter Dan Weintraub used to warm up for Tracy Chapman in Boston coffeehouses. Given the competitive nature of musicians, you have to wonder how he feels about that, having been the opening act for a future pop icon. Thankfully, with the global reach of the Internet, there is no longer a deadline for rock stardom, and virtually any artist can be discovered through the various channels of the web. And so we have Weintraub, recording an album of stripped-down acoustic folk that absolutely makes no concessions to mainstream viability. It’ll probably be a smash because of it.

In these days of indie aesthetics becoming mass appeal, Weintraub is on the right path. The Gap Between v2 is filled with spare, straightforward, and deeply honest songs that range from the serious (”When I Was”) to the silly (”I’ll Be Your Boyfriend, Paris Hilton”). And it all works splendidly, showcasing various emotional (and mental) states of the musician with equal punch. Weintraub’s voice is often melancholy or brooding so this is definitely not for your summer-afternoon siestas. Instead, light a candle in the dark, turn it on, and tune in to this thoughts.

Reviewed by: Adam Harrington

'The Gap Between v2'   

Genre: 'Folk' -  Release Date: '2008'

Our Rating:

As a musician who used to open up for a then-obscure Tracy Chapman during the '80s, singer/songwriter Dan Weintraub (http://danweintraub.net) may have been influenced by her. Both share a knack for vivid, confessional storytelling. The main difference is that Chapman's style could be easily digested by the everyday Joe. Weintraub, on the other hand, is decidedly moodier, more challenging of a listen.

Whether or not the songs on "The Gap Between v2" were written during Chapman's salad days is something I'm not aware of. And, frankly, she might not have been an inspiration to him at all. Certainly, Weintraub's lyrics are edgier and his voice can be depressing at times. They seem to be carrying a heavy weight, the sum total of life's disappointments. While there is joy in "My Daughter Dearly," much of "The Gap Between v2" is the stuff of navel-gazing.

I find Weintraub's meditations on God ("Church," "Jerusalem," "Seven Days") to be the most fascinating and compelling because he seems to be torn between what he was taught as a child and what he has learned as an adult. At least, that's how I interpret them, and only Weintraub is aware of their proper context. Nevertheless, I can hear the struggle in his vocals, especially when you think the song has ended, only to hear Weintraub return, sounding more weary than ever.

This is provocative folk music without the political baggage. Weintraub's words are extremely personal, and perhaps we were meant to understand them all. At times I felt I was invading a conversation between Weintraub and myself. It's that kind of electrifying intimacy that makes "The Gap Between v2" such an enigmatic and strangely alluring affair.

Reviewed by Brooke Curtis

Twang Town

Dan Weintraub/The Gap Between v2

“I may be old/I may be fat,” sings Dan Weintraub, and with those hilariously revealing lines he has totally won us over. Far too many of today’s acoustic-pop artists are so focused on whoring themselves to suburban housewives and teenage girls that they’ve forgotten the folk roots of the genre. (Sadly, it has happened to country music as well.) This is lyrically driven style, and the words should not be nonsense. Weintraub writes candidly; you almost feel that you’re trespassing into the forbidden territory of someone’s mind. On “When I Was,” Weintraub cleverly observes how people often view the past with rose-colored glasses, letting sentimentality and nostalgia disguise the biting reality of truth. So “When I Was” isn’t about what Weintraub used to be; it’s merely his original perception of himself.

The Lou Reed-esque “Too Many Lindas” jumps to the shuffling riffs of the Violent Femmes’ “Kiss Off” while “Just Before You” aches with the morose introspection of American Music Club and Buffalo Tom. This is quiet music with loud emotions. Don’t let the softness trick you. There is turbulence beneath the cozy embrace of Weintraub’s acoustic riffs.

Reviews and Recognition for MALIBU COCKTAIL (as of 3/19/08)

"...Awesome. Awesome lyrics, awesome music and a very powerful vocals. I love this artist. I think he's got the most potential I have heard on this site to date. Absolutely wonderful voice. 10/10..." (songcritic.com)

"...First of all, I'd like to say I've reviewed a lot of your tracks and I totally agree with kbourgerie that you have the most potential on this site to date. Anyway, let's get to the track! All the instruments contribute to make a excellent beat. The famous guitar in this track is just totally amaizing. A very nice catchy chorus. You have a very nice voice and the lyrics are also nice. Overalll and fabulous song and I'm rating very highly. 10/10..." (songcritic.com)

Included on TEAMTALK in store music feed: "...Hi, Congratulations! Your song, 'And Just Before You' has been selected by TEAMtalk for airplay on their in-store radio network. Once the song has  been distributed and circulated, a playout log will show how often your song has been played and will be sent out to you..." (overplay.com)

"...This song (Lure Of The Disturbing) has a great feel to it like drinking ice tea on a warm sunny day. The vocal subject matter is quite a different story! This is the first song I have heard on garageband to have something directly to say. I think a lot of people will agree with you that the media reflects poorly on our society. There is a lot to like about this song..." (Garageband.com)

"...Wow , what a tune (Lure Of The Disturbing), I thought this was gonna be a love song of some sort...Lyrics really caught my attention. How true these lyrics ring...I applaud you for having the guts to tell the truth...Overall this tune is great..." (Garageband.com)

"...What a fun song. It is a great twist of Social Distortion and a little ska. What a great fusion of sound and style. It is so upbeat. The band is very tight together. I wish the song were longer because that voice is amazing. (No One Can Be That Happy)..." (Garageband.com)

Lure Of The Disturbing: Ranked 99 out of 1093 in Alt Rock on Ourstage.com as of March 16th, 2008

"...The beginning of this song is a little misleading. It starts off so sweet like a love or loss of love song and then the lyrics pull the listener in. Each line’s delivery was laid back but the lyrics are hard hitting the contrast is quite stimulating. The story of this song was beautifully told and the subject matter isn’t over used or cliché. It’s the best rock song or alternative rock song that I’ve heard in a long time..." Songcritic

Dan's Acoustic Stuff


"...I really like 'Just Before You' - the groove is really sweet..." (Liz Longley, folk artist)

"...A fun number. Even though the lyrics sounds a bit rueful and melancholic, I'm still dancing, I don't care. Great chords, too. Very unique..." (http://garageband.com)

"...The chorus is really catchy. I really enjoyed the simplicity of the song. The guitar and voice were great!" (http://garageband.com)

"...A light and airy song with sweet lyricisms and an endearing sound. The simplicity of production is actually quite wonderful and very indie. Sounds a bit like Iron & Wine, but more upbeat. A very charming track overall..." (http://garageband.com)


"You are a good storyteller. I wish the song went a little longer and I never wish that..." (http://garageband.com)

"After hearing so many off the wall, artsy-fartsy attempts at trying to find a "different" folk sound, how refreshing to hear a nice, lyrical and folksy tune. Guitar is simple but nicely played and the melody was engaging and soothing. Thank you, thank you, thank you..." (http://garageband.com)


"Very Impressed... It was really stark and delivered with real emotion The changes were very effective as well, and the recording was exactly what it should be without trying to hard to be something bigger. It was simple and clean so the song was able to come through.  Overall, very impressed with this track..." (http://garageband.com)

"I hear flavors of Bob Mould and this dude named Phil Roy. Both killer songwriters. I definitely like the flow of the lyrics and melody. I really like your voice, the style you sing this song...The lyrics are totally solid - they have soul and get you in the gut....Great poetry. Great song..." (http://garageband.com)


" This song...had a simplicity that drew us in.  The words have an ironic, morose quality that seems to offset the simple, yet alluring Dylan-esque melody.  There is a vulnerability to Weintraub's vocals that makes the song a captivating listen.  The production quality isn't bad (sounds clean enough and gives a nice intimate sound)...my final thoughts: I could put this song on my iPod for a walk in the rain..." (http://www.soundrazemag.com/discography.html)

"...This is a very well put together song. There is an earnestness to these lyrics and vocal that I haven't heard since I''ve been on this site. I love the understated guitar work in that it is very minimal and doesn't take way or distract from the vocal at all. great work..." (http://songcritic.com)

"...The lyrics are awesome...they're goose bump producing with the gentle guitar behind them-- there's a lot of feeling here, not just what you're playing but how you're playing it. Your voice has a slight hint of vulnerability that further adds to the impact of the words. It's perfect. I'm keeping this one..." (http://songcritic.com)

"... The soft guitar brings a sense of quiet shyness that contrasts well with your voice. This really got to my emotions and I think that, if I was a person who cries, I would have just now..." (http://songcritic.com)


"The melody has nice changes and fluctuation to it - kept me listening the whole time." (http://garageband.com)

"...The lyrics tell a story, and they sound heartfelt. There's a casualness in the performance that makes the lyrics sound honest and almost improvised, like you're just telling a story rather than singing a song. This is a sad, tragic, cautionary tale. Listeners should look into their own lives and wonder if it applies in any way to themselves. Vocals effective, melody is simple, minimalist, but I think complements the material..." (http://garageband.com)


"...wow... it has finally happened: i have no words. i think that i just listened to the most transparent & honest song that i have EVER heard. the fact that it is unmastered just makes it all the more real -in my opinion, don't change a thing. make it the last song, on the last side - raw and in all it's glory - it will cause a lot of people (not just men) to THINK... and then, just maybe, it might could be a catalyst for some serious 'change' wow... mister, this is such stuff as dreams are made of... there is no limit to what a song as powerful as this one could do in the hands and on the lips of the right man..." (http://ourstage.com)

"This song is a funny mix between semi-angry lyrics and a melody and guitar playing a very sweet tune." (http://garageband.com)


"......your guitar playing continues to be brilliant. There are many people who label their music as "acoustic" or "singer/songwriter" yet half of them don't know what they're doing. I don't think anyone could deny that you definitely know what you're doing. Brilliant song." (http://songcritic.com)

"...I'm already singing along with this one. I love your songwriting; the lyrics are intelligent and have an undercurrent of darkness that's irresistible. The emotions are strummed very powerfully on the guitar and heard in your voice on every word. That you feel these songs so deeply makes them very compelling. That you write words that I can feel as well, makes me want to play them over and over. It's like you wrote feelings I didn't quite know I had. I'm keeping this one too..." (http://songcritic.com)

"...I listened long enough to love the lyrics...Very poetic piece. With a little editing I think that it could be popularized..." (http://garageband.com)


"Interesting song. Cool vocals for this song, good acoustic guitar and lyrics. Better production could really make this song shine..." (http://garageband.com)

"...Why do I hear Road Goes on Forever, well I could hear it if you will go ahead and finish this one off and give it the upbeat drums and bass line it needs to get it out of the bedroom and into the studio. Lyrically it is a sound piece of writing, vocally is is fine, what this song needs is finishing. Get some good players on this track and it will come to life for you. Thank you sharing your music with us all..." (http://garageband.com)


"...very lively intro the the track! First of all, I'd like to say the lyrics are good and quite funny. I bet that great guitar has had a run for it's money. I really do enjoy reviewing your tracks. The talent you have with your guitar is amazing, wish I had that talent..." (http://songcritic.com)

"...Whoa! That was sick-in a good way! Sort of an "through the eyes of the stalker" type song. The lyrics are touched, they're so good. Yeah, Johnny Cash would have loved it! The music being so stark was perfect to accompany this chilling piece!..." (http://songcritic.com)

"...The basic no-frills production, and acoustic guitar and voice, is the perfect accompaniment for these funny yet bittersweet lyrics. The story they tell is funny, even on the surface ludicrous, but also very true, maybe more true than many listeners will realize. Guitar playing is fine vehicle for the story. Lyrics are the standout to me, definitely a cut above in storytelling, humor, originality. I like it!..." http://garageband.com)


"...Lyrics are definitely bluesy but man, they make me laugh. Really its freakin' hilarious and well written. Good word choice. Guitar playing is standard 12 bar with a twist at the last third of it but you should brush up on the guitar work a little, especially in the parts where you're not singing... I like it all in all. You're not really singing (more like talking) MOST of the time but it works well, and there's a little tinge of vocal harmony at all the right moments..." (http://garageband.com)

"...This is like jack johnson with out the studio...everything is real nice...." (http://garageband.com)

"...Really Sweet Laidback chillin' Guitar Just makes me want to lay back in the green green Grass and Float away ... " (http://garageband.com)


"Let me start with this...I love acoustic music where the player sits there and has a story to tell. That said, this song had me interested from the great lyrical content of the song. With words like "I'm making faces directed at you", "I'm pretending to listen, but I don't care"....heh heh, reminds me of some of the reviewers out here that trash a song to get through it just to get their 15 words in to post a new tune of theirs. I really like what this song had to say. I would like to hear more though! The song is so short! I liked the guitar solo as well. I can imagine that there will be those other reviewers who pick you apart...I would say to you, I LOVE THE MESSAGE! Just make a face at the haters, and know some of us appreciate your tune! Way to go! Extra points for originality!" (http://garageband.com)


"...first and foremost I want to stress this is a great jam. No one really tells stories anymore, that's why I love these lyrics! The vocals are just fine Eff that dirty Jen!!! good job!..."  (http://garageband.com)


"...Traditional folk at it's best! this is where music came from. a guy or girl on a guitar and talking about his or her life.
Love it......debt, bad eating habits...girlfriend driving you nuts. Everybody gets it..."


"...If you're not really listening carefully, the song sounds vitriolic. But dig deeper and you find that the clever lyrics also give a humorous angle on an unfulfilling relationship. I enjoyed the rhyming juxtapositions like "nice" and "vice". This was a song I could relate to as well - I was in a relationship like that once - and it seems well-observed. I was reminded a little of Elvis Costello's way with words..." (http://garageband.com)


"...I enjoyed the lyrics, nicely written and smoothly sung. I'd love to hear this one live. My one complaint...I wanted more..." (http://garageband.com)